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For TO BE FREE is not merely to cast off one’s chains,
but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

Nelson Mandela

is sustainable

IMAGINATION is more important
than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

is sustainable

MOTIVATION is when your dreams
put on work clothes

Benjamin Franklin


Change is sustainable


Time to Act !

Mission statement
& Vision

Key actor in sustainable development, Envirogroup is a holding company linking business and investments proposing concrete and innovative solutions to stakeholders both public and private, and accompanying them in their transition to a low carbon economy.

Envirogroup is a strategic holding whose mission is to facilitate, coordinate and represent the stakeholders' and subsidiaries' interests.

Established in 2015, a pivotal year for energy transition and green growth (COP21 in Paris), Envirogroup is at the heart of the greatest environmental challenges.

Our goal:
Making you real actors of that transition!


Through our subsidiary Enviroearth, our participation in I Care and Consult and the brand Envirocity®, you benefit from nearly 15 years of expertise and know-how in the integration of low-carbon solutions in the areas of environmental monitoring, renewable energy, air-climate-energy studies, and more.


Time to Quantify

Environmental monitoring, renewable energy deployment.

Thanks to the hands-on experience gained in the most remote areas of the planet, our engineers accompany scientific institutes, rural communities, industry and mines from conception to implementation of environmental monitoring systems, in the deployment of renewable energy and the integration of low carbon technologies in isolated zones.

Time to Analyze

Strategic consulting in Energy, health and air quality, Climate plans

With an interest of 20% in I Care & Consult, the entire Envirogroup ecosystem works closely with experts at the IC & C team that accompany communities and business in their environmental transition, in France and abroad. Based on the analysis of data gathered on-site, they propose adapted tools and solutions on the fields of air, climate and energy.

Time to Create

Tailored and integrated solutions for sustainable cities and responsible companies, enabling a strong reduction in the carbon impact of your development projects

Through Envirocity® brand, we offer an integrated solution for the sustainable city and responsible company to considerably reduce the carbon impact in development projects.
Our teams provide tailored advice, identify low-carbon technologies "Made in France" the most suitable for water utilities, energy and waste, and ensure the overall management of your project.



Institutional and professional

Olivier Decherf, Club ADEME International General Delegate elected Ea-eco company board chairman, directs (manages) Envirogroup with a clear strategy: to promote our company's expertise and that of our partners in France and abroad, to participate in public debate and create synergies between the different stakeholders in order to contribute in building the world of tomorrow.




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Envirogroup / Envirocity® et Enviroearth
Address : 175 avenue Ferdinand de Lesseps,
Tel : +33(4) 42 68 16 60
Fax : +33(4) 42 68 16 61

I Care & Consult (Siège)
Address : 28, rue du 4 Septembre,
75002 PARIS
Tel : +33(1) 43 66 87 27

I Care & Consult
Address : 11 rue Frédéric Mistral,
69100 Villeurbanne
Tel : +33(4) 72 12 12 35


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09/06 2016

Participation to the 2nd National Conference on “Photovoltaic integration in networks and storage

The topics on networking problems, including the impact of PV on infrastructure network and systems services, technology solutions for smart grids and microgrids type, energy management and storage and finally, markets and prospects to come up.

01/06 2016

Enviroearth become sponsors of the NGO WeForest whose objective is to fight against climate change through reforestation.

June 2016: Enviroearth become sponsors of the NGO WeForest whose objective is to fight against climate change through reforestation.

Enviroearth wants to be part of the projects implemented by the NO in order to compensate for its GO gas emissions through the plantations of trees.

21/03 2016

Participation at Dihad, Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Exhibition and Conference

03/21 au 03/23 : Participation at Dihad, Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Exhibition and Conference

Enviroearth displays two types of low-carbon technologies dedicated to energy autonomy and wastewater treatment in remote sites :

  • Renewable energy containers with solar panels
  • Wastewater treatment using bamboo as a filtering media