Change is sustainable

Envirogroup reached the final stage of the Med’Innovant 2016 Contest, organised by Euroméditerranée

This contest aims at promoting innovative sustainable projects in the field of Smart Cities, some of which will be tested in real-life on the experimental territory of the Euroméditerranée Eco-city.

As a finalist of the contest, Envirogroup presented its innovative solutions: ECO3.

ECO3 is the collaboration of 9 cleantechs led by Envirogroup to implement a collaborative offer of low-carbon technologies and services dedicated to public and private eco-cities and eco-districts developers. This entity aims at working from the upstream expertise (Carbon surveys, biodiversity, water and land) in order to identify the most relevant technologies and services, up to the installation and commissioning of the equipment and to the post-installation monitoring and end-users coaching. ECO3 is an entity offering various technologies and services, with the advantage of a unique contact person. ECO3 includes renewable energies, a system of energy efficiency of buildings, smart solar street lighting, solar charging system for electric vehicles, low-carbon decentralized wastewater management, smart waste collection.




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