Change is sustainable

Prolann, Enviroearth and Fedd Presidents met on Wednesday 28 June in Vienna at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, where CTBTO was organizing the SnT, a scientific conference focused on nuclear test detection technologies.

Seismowave, the entity bringing together these three French specialists in infrasound measurement technology, presented to the SnT its new product: the Infrasonic Portable Station. Named TIME1 for Temporary Infrasound Monitoring Equipment, it combines in a backpack and rolling stock all the elements needed to install a temporary station within minutes, with access to an integrated power source. This new design, specially developed for site surveys or temporary measurement campaigns, greatly facilitates the transport and installation of systems to be operational for a limited time.

You can find more information on www.seismowave.com www.seismowave.com and soon on our website.

More info on Prolann: www.Prolann-smrp.com (site under construction)

More information about Fedd: www.fedd.fr